Unit NO: 001

Category: Beverages

Floor: GF

Opening: Everyday | 08:00AM - 10:00PM

TEL: +855 69 335 323


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The secret to happiness is to share special moments with friends. A celebration, a date or just a relaxing break in the day,
there is always a reason to get together around a cup of KOI tea. KOI brings joy to the world.
Freshly brewed tea and flavorful ingredients, prepared with passion are the key to KOI’s authentic taste and the reason why people come back again and again.
All over Asia, we deliver special moments, we surprise and we enchant.
In each and every KOI store, we are keen to share our happiness and love of tea with you.
We do our best every day to make your experience memorable.
Hear the sound of tea being brewed, of ice being crushed, and of laughter. Smell the aroma of our freshly prepared ingredients.
Be excited by the chewiness of our milk tea pearls.
Enjoy fun and comfortable surroundings.
And the warmth of our tea shakers.
With KOI, happiness happens naturally.